The Spiral Series – Spiral 2

Having completed ‘Spiral 1’ I felt the emergence of two forces of energy coming from the piece. Firstly the change in shape as the form grew coupled with the twisting movement. Where to go from here? Many things in life start with a thought…
‘What happens if…. ‘

My ‘what happens if’ became, what happens if I start with three bases instead of one? Instead of the whole form, as one, changing from circular to square to concave what happens if inner parts start coming out and outer parts go in.

Spiral 2 starts with three thrown bases, simple flower pot forms, which by nature join at the rim. There is a reducing gap from the base to the rim which continues to grow outwards. There are three outer parts, the widest parts of the triangular form , which in turn start moving inwards.

A game of draughts was suddenly becoming a game of chess.

Quite early on the pieces took on human form, more through outcome than design. The movement, curves, crevices , light passing through, took on a life of their own.